A conservation group has called on the Mayor of London to preserve the "historic" view of St Paul's cathedral from Richmond after developers in Stratford erected a 42-storey building behind it.

The Friends of Richmond Park, a conservation charity, complained that the "historic" view of St Paul's had been "desecrated by a giant development that appears to break planning guidelines".

The cathedral can be seen from King Henry's Mound in the 900 acre park through some woodland.

Plans for the Manhattan Loft Gardens, by property developer Harry Handelsman for the Manhattan Loft Corporation, were introduced in 2012. 

The tower comprises of 248 apartments, three sky gardens, a 145-room design hotel, two restaurants and a 200 acre park in Stratford.

But representatives for the Friends of Richmond Park say they are "saddened and outraged" that the view has been "destroyed", and have argued for a temporary halt in construction of the tower and an "urgent" review by the Greater London Authority.

Chairman Ron Crompton said: "It's a tragedy that such a wonderful and iconic protected view, between two of London's most historic landmarks and created over 300 years ago, should be destroyed not just for today but for many years to come.

"We know thousands of people are very upset by this and that a view so important to Londoners will be spoilt for many generations."

The London View Management Framework planning guidance published by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for the King Henry's Mound to St Paul's view, says: "In determining applications, it is essential that development in the background of the view is subordinate to the Cathedral and that the clear sky background profile of the upper part of the dome remains."

Manhattan Loft Corporation, in their publicity brochure, state that the tower "has been designed to have a responsible impact on the environment and it's surroundings".

Mr Compton claims that developers "should have been aware of the protected views", adding that their environmental statement is "cruelly ironic and insulting".

He added that the local authority should consult English Heritage, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and all other local councils along the sight line.

Sarah Olney, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Richmond Park and north Kingston by-election, has backed the group by writing to Mr Khan.

She said: "Views are as much a part of our national heritage as buildings. It is extraordinary that such clear guidelines have been so flagrantly ignored.

"It looks as if the damage is done on this, but we need re-assurances that no further developments will be allowed that compromise this majestic view which the people of Richmond have enjoyed for generations, and should be allowed to enjoy for generations to come."

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The annonated map showing the distance of the tower to St Paul's, to Richmond Park

Aynsley Delaney, spokeswoman for Manhattan Loft Corporation, said the company went through a "transparent and public process to gain lawful planning permission".

Ms Delaney added that the GLA and other planning bodies were "very supportive" of "such an aspirational residential project".

She said: "The distance to St Paul’s Cathedral is 15.5km and Manhattan Loft Gardens is an additional 7km beyond.

"On the annotated map of Protected Vista Point 9A.1 to St Paul’s Cathedral the background assessment area is shown as 3km.

"MLG is 7km behind St Pauls Cathedral and therefore outside the indicated background view assessment area."

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said they were "looking into the issues involved with this development".