Crystal Palace will support those affected by the Croydon tram crash “as best we can”, the club’s boss Alan Pardew has said.

Seven people were killed when a tram derailed near Sandilands tram stop on Wednesday last week.

Mr Pardew said some of the victims’ families would be attending the Eagles’ home game against Manchester City on Saturday.

Fans at the game will join in a minute’s silence for those who lost their lives in the crash, one of whom was keen Palace supporter 19-year-old Dane Chinnery.

Ahead of their home fixture against City, the Palace manager said: “It has had a massive impact on us, not just the club but the areas around it. Shocking really.

“We as a club have made a contribution to the fund. We will do everything we can for the families that will be at the game on Saturday.

“We are holding a minute’s silence, it is such a difficult thing. How can we get across the emotion they are feeling, it is such a personal thing.

“We are going to do the best we can. Some of the people injured were connected and two of the people who died were fans.”

Crystal Palace fan Philip Seary, 57, also died after the tram derailed shortly after 6.10pm near Addiscombe Road.

Mr Pardew added: “We as a club are fully behind them and want to help them as best we can. We have an important role to help the fans.”