A Stoneleigh woman has petitioned the Mayor of London to make two bus services between Kingston and Epsom run 24 hours.

Zoe Papadakis, 18, launched the petition calling on Sadiq Khan (pictured below) and transport for London to make the 406 and 418 bus services run all night on change.org about two weeks ago. The petition has since been signed more than 400 times.

Your Local Guardian:

Ms Papadakis believes the increased service would help people making late-night journeys due to work or after a night out, and would create more jobs for bus drivers.

She occasionally uses the buses to commute from her home in Preston Drive, Stoneleigh, to her call centre job in Tolworth, but said she normally walks due to the absence of a bus lane and the scarcity of buses in the morning.

The head of Transport for London (TfL)’s bus network development said the organisation was “always happy to listen to suggestions”.

As of Tuesday, November 15, Ms Papadakos’ petition had been signed more than 400 times.

She said: “I used to live in Kingston which is an extremely easy place to commute to and from.

“Since moving to Epsom about two years ago I really felt the difference in freedom.

“Lots of my friends live in the Kingston borough and I’, always traveling to Richmond and Isleworth.

“People assume that my area is full of OAPs and middle-aged people, however, the youth, is really growing and buses do seem to limit a lot of experiences.”

On the petition, she added: “This change will also provide more work and jobs for bus drivers.”

TfL’s Head of Bus Network Development John Barry responded, “We keep London’s bus network under review and we’re always happy to listen to suggestions, though we have no current plans for this particular proposal.

“We have to ensure the changes are worthwhile and can be afforded.

“Where improvements can be reasonably made, we will look at them, though major changes require a full consultation.”

Transport for London currently runs 119 24-hour bus services, plus 14 that run 24 hours at the weekend. Two more weekend services (307 and 319) are being launched this weekend, alonside the opening of the Night Tube on the Northern line.

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You can sign Miss Papadakis' petition here.