A grieving mother whose daughter was repeatedly raped by a killer who threw her off a bridge and left her for dead is calling for longer sentences for repeat offenders.

Victoria Legg was found dead at a flat in Tanfield Road, Croydon, 18 months after she watched her attacker Donald Andrews, 51, sentenced to life imprisonment in May 2012.

An inquest into her death found she had died from a mixed drug intoxication of the medication prescribed for the injuries she sustained from the attacks.

The violent rapist and killer, who became the UK’s only non-murderer to be jailed for life without parole, has since won an appeal against his life sentence after judges decided it was too harsh.

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His successful appeal, which saw his whole-life sentence for kidnapping and repeatedly raping Miss Legg quashed, outraged the 31-year-old’s mother.

Miss Legg’s mother Cindy has now set up a petition calling for longer fixed sentences for persistent serious offenders.

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Donald Andrews, pictured, told Victoria Legg his plan was to kill her and chop her into pieces

Mrs Legg, of St Benet’s Grove, Carshalton, holds Andrews responsible for her daughter’s death.

She said: “If he gets out then other families will suffer. He is a dangerous, violent man… In fact, he is not even a person.

“People are people like us. They don’t go out on the streets and attack people.”

When asked if Andrews deserves a chance to be rehabilitated, she said: “He deserves nothing. People that have proved they know nothing else – they don’t deserve to breathe the air.

“He didn’t give my daughter a chance, so why should he get another one.”

Miss Legg met Andrews at a gay bar the Star and Garter in Bromley before he led to his flat in nearby Tweedy Road on September 18, 2011.

It was there that he beat her and raped her several times throughout the night and the following day.

Andrews then made her take a bath and wash her hair in an attempt to destroy forensic evidence before he told her he would take her to the train station.

Instead he then took her to a wooded area near the River Quaggy where he raped her again.

He told her he had raped and killed before and that his plan was to kill her and chop her into pieces.

Andrews was told he would be eligible for parole in 2024 after serving a minimum of 12 years in prison.

Prior to his violent attack on Miss Legg, Andrews was in 1984 sentenced to six years in youth custody for a manslaughter that happened in 1982.

He was handed nine years for manslaughter and aggravated burglary after he stabbed a pensioner to death in 1983.

And in 2003 he was jailed for six years, later extended to eight years, for indecent assault and actual bodily harm after he attacked a woman he met in a Croydon gay nightclub.