The identity of a masked mystery rabbit who became an internet sensation for waving at drivers in Barnes has been unveiled as artist and Kingston University graduate Spike Mclarrity.

Your Local Guardian:

Spike went viral yesterday after commuters snapped him in his usual spot

The artist, originally from Edinburgh, went viral yesterday and prompted national news coverage after he was photographed by numerous passers-by near Barnes Bridge.

Dressed in a colourful waistcoat and scarf, Spike makes the appearances as part of part of a live art performance he has repeated since first dressing up in the costume for an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatters’ tea party.

He appears near the bridge on the first day of every month.

From yesterday: Mystery 'masked white rabbit' who waves at commuters in Barnes each month goes viral

Spike said: “It’s very difficult to explain, it’s one of things that you would have to experience. Everything I do is unrehearsed and in the moment.

“A friend of mine spent six months trying to get me to do it, then I thought of the idea to make a yearly calendar.

“Some days it’s very cold and wet. You are sitting there and the white van men and the lorries come - they love it. You kind of get a buzz off that.”

Your Local Guardian:

Spike Mclarrity with former London Mayor Boris Johnson

Since taking on the white rabbit project, Spike has dressed up as the furry bunny in foreign cities such as Barcelona and Paris.

He has even appeared alongside famous faces including Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and has run a yoga class outside Parliament.

Most recently he visited Tokyo Tower for a performance and is working on an art project entitled The Arts through the Eyes of the Rabbit.

Your Local Guardian:

Spike usually dresses the white rabbit costume in a colourful scarf

He added: “I went around Paris dressed as the white rabbit, going around on the metro, all the famous spots.

“I just be present - just sitting in a café, having a cup of tea or glass of wine. People will come up and have photographs.

“I like the idea of just wondering through cities.”

Your Local Guardian:

The white rabbit runs a yoga class outside Parliament

Spike, known only by his stage name, graduated from an arts degree at Kingston University in 2010 and soon began attending various live art workshops in London.

Now working as a full time artist in Barnes, he said he was “overwhelmed” by his costumed creation’s recent fame, including a news article that surfaced in New Zealand.

He added: “I’m not on Twitter. A friend of mine contacted me privately and said ‘I just need to let you know ‘white rabbit’ has become a bit of a sensation on Twitter’.

“Some of the papers have been saying he looks sinister, he doesn’t really. A lot of photos you see are actually taken from my friend’s window.

“I just like the idea of how people will respond.”