Croydon Council is to launch High Court legal action in a bid stop illegal street racing in a road on which a biker died earlier this year.

The authority is to apply on Friday for an injunction banning motorists and spectators from taking part in the race, dubbed the Croydon Cruise, in Imperial Way.

Up to 200 motorists in souped-up cars regularly hit the tarmac on Friday nights, attracting crowds of up to 400 people.

If granted, the injunction, which would also encompass nearby Pegasus Road and Lysander Road, will give the police the power to arrest anyone involved in the race.

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The legal action is part of a road safety crackdown in the area following the death of motorcyclist Carl Simpson.

The dad-to-be, 27, was pronounced dead in Imperial Way after crashing into another bike on July 10.

Police said he had been performing bike tricks in the road before he died.

Cllr Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “As an authority the council has been working with the police, with local councillors and with local businesses to address the problems in Imperial Way.

“We are putting traffic calming measures in this week and we are hopeful that we have a strong case for the injunction later this week.”

The injunction would prove unpopular with those who take part in Croydon Cruise, which racers say is a safe social event despite the concerns of police and businesses located nearby about cars speeding along the road.

Complaints have also been lodged about the noise created by stereos in cars at the race.

Cllr King said: “It is dangerous to people in and around the area, it has an impact on residents and business and sadly it led to the untimely death of a young man. It is in everyone’s interests that we are successful on Friday.”

In June the council and Croydon police shut the road for five weekends in an attempt to stop it becoming a makeshift racetrack.

The council is also to install speed humps in the road this week.

Andy Tarrant, the borough commander of Croydon police, has previously called for a long-term solution to the street race, which he said demanded “such a big commitment of resources”.