A recycling and waste disposal business is to lose its transport licence next month due to “substantial failures” in its vehicle and driver safety standards.

Deadman Confidential Ltd was found by Government inspectors to have a number of shortcomings in its safety measures.

In their findings, examiners said one vehicle had 10 out of 10 wheel nuts loose and that drivers did not check the wheel nuts on his daily walk round check but company also failed to act when a squeaking noise was reported.

Nick Denton, traffic commissioner for the south east who grants heavy good vehicles licences, said he had no confidence in the director and transport manager of the Beddington Lane company.

He said: “Because of its substantial failure, over such a wide range of compliance issues and over such a long period of time, and for its very slow and tardy reaction to these shortcomings, revocation is an appropriate and proportionate outcome.”

The business will not be allowed to operate heavy goods vehicles from October 8.

The company declined to comment.