A pair of pooches stolen from a dog walker’s van have been reunited with their owners after being flung out of a moving car in New Addington.

The pugs were two of six beloved pets dognapped from Kemble Road in Forest Hill on Thursday last week.

The tiny hounds, a black pug called Pia and a fawn pug called Erol, were missing for four days before they were callously abandoned in the street.

They were rescued by a passer-by who took the terrified dogs to Goddard Veterinary Group in Salcot Crescent, New Addington to be checked over.

The dogs, as well as two others nabbed, have been reunited with their relieved owners. But two others, including Erol’s mum Pippa, are still missing.

Hannah Boniface, Erol’s owner, was overcome with joy when she saw the four-year-old pup again, but is desperate to get Pippa back.

Ms Boniface, 35, of Brixton, who is unable to have children after undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy for a brain tumour in 2013, said the pugs were like her children and “mean the world to us”.

She added: “It’s great to have him back and now we are just hoping that we will be able to find Pippa. She means the world to us."

But she added: “There were mixed emotions though. I felt relief and joy but then I felt guilty because I wasn’t feeling the same as I was when both of them were missing.

“It is like choosing between your children, really.

“Particularly because I can’t have children, I suffered brain tumour and had two surgeries and radio and chemo so these pugs are my babies really.

“I am just desperate to have them home.”

Luckily, despite going through such a traumatic ordeal, Erol does not have a scratch on him.

Ms Boniface added: “He is absolutely fine, which gives me comfort so they are obviously being looked after but we just want them home.

“I really don’t care [why someone did this], obviously I don’t want this to happen to anyone else so I do want the perpetrators to be punished – but I just want her home.”

Ms Boniface has owned Erol since he was just seven weeks old and bought Pippa shortly after.

Both the dogs are microchipped, which made it easy for vets to identify them and quickly contact their owners.

Marie Driscoll, veterinary nurse at Goddard Veterinary Group, said: “Sadly, dog theft is on the increase and the best thing that owners can do to protect their pets is to have them microchipped.

When I checked Pia and Erol’s chips, I could see that they were listed as stolen and I contacted the police immediately.

“It was an emotional moment when they were reunited with their owners and we are very happy for them all but anxious that the two dogs still missing are found.

“We urge anyone with information to contact the police.”

A third pooch, five-year-old Chihuahua Mr Salvetore, was handed in to a pet shop in Bromley last week.

A massive social media campaign is underway to locate Pippa and a Jack Russell cross pug with a white paw called Jules.

Anyone with information is asked to call the charity Dog Lost on 0844 800 3220 or police on 101.