This is the moment a motorist launches a tirade of abuse at a cyclist riding through Mitcham.

The footage shows a white Peugeot driver stick his head out of the window of his car and berate the bike rider for cycling outside his designated lane.


The video was captured on a headcam in Commonside West by Mitcham Common and sees the cyclist branded a “c*** and a “tosspot” for not using the cycle lane.

The driver shouts: “You really don’t want to get run over you know.

“You’re in the middle of the road like a motorbike.

“You’re not a motorbike. Go back to cycling school.”

As the cyclist continues to ride in the middle of the road the drive gets more aggressive.

He continues: “If you get run over, what are going to tell me then.

“You c***. Can you see the cycle lane on your f***ing left?

“Can you see it? You fucking tosspot. You fucking c***.”

The video was posted on YouTube by user 4ChordsNoNet on Saturday and has since been viewed more than 6,000 times.

He said: “This is a fine example of how some, and I stress some, motorists think that cyclists should cycle on the left and keep out of their way.

“I chose to ignore him, rather than engage with him."