Tooting terror suspect Babar Ahmad has kissed his family goodbye and declared he has been "sold out by his country", following the news his extradition may be just two days away.

The House of Lords yesterday refused the 32-year-old computer expert permission to appeal and the European Court of Human Rights is expected to make a similar decision on Thursday.

If that happens Mr Ahmad, a British citizen who stands accused of running websites which supported Chechen rebels and the Taliban, would have run out of options and will be sent to America immediately.

"This is a complete travesty of justice and we are devastated by the news," said his sister Sara Ahmad.

"The Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service have confirmed in writing several times that there is insufficient evidence to charge Babar with any crime. We cannot understand why then he should face extradition."

As Mr Ahmad's legal situation looks increasingly desperate, Tooting MP Sadiq Khan submitted a last minute plea to the Home Secretary on his behalf.

Mr Khan, previously a top human rights lawyer, said: "I am very disappointed that Babar has lost the latest round of his challenge.

"In addition to asking the Home Secretary to reconsider the extradition, I have asked for assurances and safeguards about his treatment in the US should he be extradited."

Speaking from Manchester Prison, the terror suspect, who has been held without charge for three years, said: "I feel badly let down by the British Government. I am nothing more than a man sold out by his country."

Ms Ahmad added: "My family would like to thank the people of Tooting for all their support. We would like to also give special thanks to our MP.

"Sadiq Khan went out of his way for Babar's case and the people of Tooting should be proud to have him."

A second Tooting terror suspect, 27-year-old Syed Talha Ahsan, is still fighting his battle against extradition to America.

The former Franciscan Primary School pupil stands accused of being involved with Azzamm Publications, the organisation allegedly headed by Mr Ahmad.