A student got a tasty surprise when his pack of 12 eggs all had double yolks, against astronomical odds.

Tom Tosetti, 17, a physics and maths student at Esher College, began filming when one by one the eggs from his Tesco British free range pack were found to be doubles.

He said he could not believe his eyes when every last one in the pack was cracked and found to be a double.

With 1,000 to one odds that an egg has a double yolk, the chances of 12 in a row is longer than one in a sextillion (a thousand trillion).

Your Local Guardian:

Tom Tosetti with the 12 eggs and 24 yolks

Tom, who lives in Twickenham Road, Teddington, eats about a dozen eggs a week, and said it was very surprising.

He said: “Even after the second egg was cracked we knew they were something special and my mum said she had never seen two eggs like it.

“We saw a story on the Daily Mail website that said some students had six doubles, but we had twice as many as that.

“We started filming it on the seventh egg as we realised how crazy it was.

“We just wanted to make some scrambled eggs.”

Your Local Guardian:

Supermarkets Waitrose and Marks & Spencer retail packs of eggs with double yolks that have been scanned prior to packaging, but Tom is adamant his breakfast eggs were the normal Tesco free range variety.

Exeter University students Kas Eelman and Nick Horton cracked seven double eggs in a row in May this year.

Your Local Guardian:

The eggs were Tesco free range

According to dedicated egg site egginfo.co.uk, the odds of getting a double yolk are 0.1 per cent, 1,000/1.

Tom Tosetti said: “We are definitely going to buy some lottery tickets now.”

He added that the eggs are being kept in the fridge for now, but will most likely have to be eaten at some point.

A yolksman from Tesco said: "This is cracking news for Tom; he's clearly got eggsellent luck and should probably pick up a lottery ticket next time he's in store.

"Serving Britain’s shoppers a little better every day is what makes us happy, but even we can admit that a trip like this is going to take some beating."