Chessington World of Adventures has provoked an outpouring of sorrow from theme-park lovers after it announced it would close the beloved Bubbleworks ride this summer.

The foamy, family Bubbleworks ride will close down on September 6 after completing more than 15 million circuits.

Social media users proclaimed their childhoods crushed and hearts broken by the news, with one saying that "my life has never had less of a purpose".

During the ride's 26 years Professor Burp and his factory helpers have soaked 32 million people who boarded the bobbing bathtubs and travelled through the workshop.

Superfans visiting the park over the summer will get the chance to take a piece of the ride home with them as the magical animated scenes are auctioned off at the beginning of September.


Elainah Brockway wrote in to say: "I'm 19 now and still love it. It has always been my favourite ride since I was a kid. I'd queue for hours. A shame to see it go."

A CWoA spokeswoman could not say what would replace the ride.

She said: “We will be announcing in due course what new attraction we will be opening in 2017. 

"That is all we can say for now but rest assured it’s something we’re all very excited about and we’re sure you will be too.”

Your Local Guardian:

CWoA asked Bubbleworks fans to share their photos on Twitter, Facebook or using #ByeByeBubbleworks and created a “mosaic of memories”. 

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