Full of scheming, murderous plots and desperate attempts to get and then cling on to power – there is so much to love about Richard III and now youngsters can delve deep into it this summer.

Pull The Other Theatre is running a five-day Shakespeare drama workshop for aspiring actors aged 10 to 16 this summer.

Run by people with experience at the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Youth Theatre and Shakespeare for Schools Festival, the workshops from August 15 to 19 will focus on the bard’s epic and sinister tragedy Richard III.

The course culminates in an evening performance for family and friends at Epsom Playhouse Studio Theatre.

The youngsters will get the chance to make friends, act in a play and become theatre makers while learning how to speak Shakespeare’s language, build a character and hone their performance.

Pull The Other’s artistic director Rachel Nussbaum said: “Richard III will be our eleventh Holiday Workshop and Stage at Epsom Playhouse since Easter 2012.

“Each workshop is better than the last and we love making Shakespeare so accessible and real.

“The children and young people never fail to amaze their families, themselves, the facilitators and me with what they can achieve within a week. It is so rewarding and inspiring, so it is no wonder we have many participants that keep coming back for more.”

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