Secrets of the movies will be revealed in an explosive new family show that is heading to Kingston and Bromley.

The Hollywood Special Effects Show goes behind the scenes of blockbuster films and shares the magic of how the huge monsters, gruesome gore and giant explosions are made.

One of the interactive show’s trio of enthusiastic hosts, Alexandra Brynn told us: “Our show demonstrates all of the special effects used in films and also used in theatre as well.

“It’s a family show, so we’re aiming for children from the age of five or six up to about sixteen.

“It is really an enjoyable experience – and a learning experience – for the whole family.”

Audiences can expect sci-fi monsters, onstage infernos and more pyrotechnics than any other UK touring show. Some of the stunts have to be viewed from behind the safety of bulletproof glass.

Co-host Edmund Sage-Green was in no doubt what the crowds enjoy the most.

He told us: “The explosions that we have. Throughout the show there are several little sequences but the one at the end is insane. It is so loud and so big. All the kids love that.”

While it is big on spectacle, the Hollywood Special Effects Show is also full of scientific fact.

Edmund said: “It is also an educational show. For example, we teach you how to make your own fake blood.

“Obviously it has to be safe and it has to be simple. And of course it has to be enjoyable. I think that comes across with the amount of effects that we show and how to do them.”

Alexandra added: “We try to make the learning experience a fun one, so showing kids an explosion and then Ed tells them the science behind that and the safety as well.

“Even from the few shows we have done already we have seen kids afterwards come up and say ‘it’s really amazing how you made that fake blood, I’m going to go home and do it’.

“I think we are just instilling that love of the entire industry in kids and that’s our goal.”

The Hollywood Special Effects Show is at Kingston’s Rose Theatre on August 6 and 7 and Bromley’s Churchill Theatre on August 15. Go to or

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