BST ended on Sunday night with spectacular sets from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder.

Here are some of the highlights:

The eighth wonder of the world

Music icon Stevie Wonder closed BST with a four hour set playing his classic album Songs In The Key Of Life in its entirety.

Wonder and his orchestra also pulled off a Prince tribute and a version of Gangstas Paradise with the help of singer Wayna Wondwossen.

• The Black Lives Matter Speech

Wonder started his set with a five-minute speech referencing the recent shootings in the USA.

He said he was disappointed that the parts of Songs In The key of Life inspired by the racial tension were still relevant today.

He drew huge cheers from crowd when he ended by saying: “We are the original people. Everyone here has got some black in you; you've all got some soul in you. So love yourselves.”

• Stevie Wonder’s British Accent

The singer seemed peppered his set with references to Britain and even spoke to the crowd in a very plausible English accent between song.

At one point Wonder even spontaneously launched into an improvised harmonica version of God Save The Queen.

• Pharrell Williams playing Its Almost Over Now as Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

Tennis fans were streaming the Wimbledon final on phones as Williams took to the stage.

As Murray entered the final set William’s launched into N.E.R.D’s Its Almost Over Now- a perfect soundtrack to the Scot’s second Wimbledon final win.

• The safari themed carnival

Your Local Guardian:

The last day of BST saw a spectacular safari-themed carnival parade around the arena with dancing giraffes, lions and colourful birds preceding a marching drummer band.

The stunning costumes, elaborate dance moves and drum beat got the crowd going with thousands joining the parade and posing for photos.

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