When you’re an eighties icon it seems like the era isn’t just coming back but it never went away.

Nik Kershaw spends much of his time at varies eighties revival gigs across Europe and is still confused by the era’s enduring popularity.

He told us: “I really don’t know what it is about the eighties.”

“People keep saying there’s an eighties revival but they’ve been saying that to me since the nineties.

“I guess it felt like buying music was a big deal at that time. Like you went to the store for the latest album.

“Music is everywhere now, and it’s so easy to just fill up your hard drive that getting an album doesn’t really mean as much as getting a physical thing, so maybe people are harking back to that time.”

Nik broke onto the music scene in 1984 when his single Wouldn't It Be Good shot up to number four in the charts. It kick started a career of eight albums and five top 10 singles including I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, The Riddle and Don Quixote.

He said: “It all happened really fast. I remember not being able to go to Tesco anymore and realising how much of a deal it all was.

“I guess that sounds silly but it’s a big thing”

Nik is still recording music and plans to release a new album on his own label, not that he’s in any rush.

“Well the last record was 2012, so yeah I’m taking my time”, he said.

“It’s very different releasing a record yourself, there’s no one breathing over you, but then you’ve got more freedom.

“I guess it’s all pros and cons”.

After a long break from live gigs Nik has been getting back into touring and this month plays Hampton Pools Summer Picnic Concerts.

He said: “I’m really enjoying it. It’s mostly people from the past but you also get some younger people coming too.

“You tend to get two types of young people: those who have been indoctrinated by their parents and those who have discovered it on their own.

“It’s nice to see them…I’m just happy anyone is coming if I’m honest.”

Nik Kershaw plays Hampton Pools Summer Picnic Concerts with Ruby Turner on July 29. For tickets, go to hamptonpool.co.uk

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