Scottish duo The Proclaimers came more than 500 miles to play one of the last gigs Fairfield Halls will host before refurbishment. Here are six things we learned on Sunday night.

One. It's too soon to talk about the referendum.

When support act Will Varley praised his generation for largely voting to remain in the EU, he received applause and cheers but also some heckling from part of the audience. Perhaps it's too soon to bring it up. 

Two. Like comedy, song themes change with time.

Most comedians adapt their comedy through different stages of their lives, and music is no different for the Proclaimers Their newer material is focused on their kids and later stages in life, and has a much more grown up feel.

Three. But, they can still throw a party. 

The old ones will always get crowds on their feet and I'm On My Way got the whole hall standing and singing. But there's a good deal of range too, with Shadows Fall working just as well in a live setting as I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). 

Four. There's plenty of dad dancing.

If you'd like to see some awkward dad dancing and don't have a wedding to go to soon, get yourself to a Proclaimers gig. They may be throwing a party but it might not be dancing music. 

Five. No banter 

One disappointment I had through the night was the lack of crowd interaction from Craig and Charlie. Unlike their support act, they did not introduce as many of the songs, and did not chat through them with the crowd. I would have loved to hear more personal stuff during the show. 

Six. They like the musical as much as we do

The songs of the Proclaimers were turned into a musical called Sunshine on Leith, released as a film a couple of years ago. It was referenced several times during the show, and the duo still happily play songs from the album of the same name and from the film, so I think they must love it as much as us. 

The Proclaimers setlist

It could be tomorrow

This is the story

Letter from America

Should have been loved

If I'm still around

Tuesday afternoon

Let's get married

Forever young

Spinning around in the air

Shadows fall


Cap in hand

In recognition

Rainbows and happy regrets

The other side

Misty blue

Sunshine on Leith

Hate my love

On my way

I met you

I'm gonna be (500 miles)

Encore: Make my heart fly; Life with you; The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues.