Steve Reed has become the latest Labour MP to call for Jeremy Corbyn to resign, warning the party's embattled leader of "electoral annihilation" if he fails to step aside.

In a letter this morning announcing his resignation as shadow minister for local government, the Croydon North MP said he no longer believed Labour could win a general election while Mr Corbyn remained leader.

Mr Reed joins a growing mutiny of Labour MPs turning against their party's leader, following what many perceive as Mr Corbyn's lacklustre efforts in the campaign to remain in the European Union.

Yesterday 12 members of Labour's shadow cabinet resigned in protest against Mr Corbyn's leadership.

In his letter, Mr Reed said: "A majority of Labour supporters in large parts of the north and midlands voted to leave the EU because their connection with our party has broken. We are losing touch with them, a process that has been under way for some time but has speeded up under your leadership.

"There is now a strong possibility of a General Election this Autumn, and I am convinced that Labour faces electoral annihilation from which we may not recover from a generation if you lead us into it."

Mr Reed said his decision had been taken after discussions with colleagues over the weekend.

While also using the letter to thank Mr Corbyn for the opportunity to serve as a shadow minister, Mr Reed said fresh leadership was vital to avoid "the horror that would follow the election of an even more right-wing Tory government with a vastly increased majority."

Mr Reed has been contacted for comment.

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