With the arrival of the internet of things (IOT) came smart devices and gadgets. From door locks to smoke alarms everything seems to be getting smarter.

This week we have been looking at smart kitchen equipment and what features these devices offer.

Smart Fridges are in their infancy and will undoubtedly be able to order your groceries as they need replenishing. Currently though they have internet connectivity and a camera to let you see what’s in your fridge from anywhere in the world.

If you have ever had the urge to put a wash on whilst out doing the shopping then you will be pleased to know that the Samsung F900 can help. It can be fully controlled via an app, providing full control and cycle updates.

Cooking is also getting the smart treatment with smart pans from Pantelligent that have full connectivity to your phone or tablet. The apps provide information on temperature and offer interactive cooking instructions to ensure anyone can cook the perfect steak.

Our final controllable devices are from SMARTER who offer kettles and coffee machines which can also be controlled via an app allowing you to make a coffee whilst in bed on that lazy Sunday morning… Now all you need is a robot to bring it to you.

Written by Mark Evans from Digitalised, a home technology company based in Epsom. Go to digitalised.com


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