A former Olympian and Sutton teacher who had part of her left leg amputated after she was run over by a bus has told the Sutton Guardian she can’t wait to start teaching again.

Josie Horton, 47, was rushed to hospital after a bus ran over her leg on Saturday, 27, close to her home in Islington.

Miss Horton –known as Judo Josie among her pupils- was with close friends following the accident, one of whom took off his scarf and quickly wrapped it around her left leg. She was then taken to The Royal London Hospital.

Miss Horton said: “I was conscious throughout everything that happened. I had no idea they were going to amputate my leg.

“I was told that the doctor’s had run out of options as my blood was not clotting and I was bleeding and that they had to operate as it was a life-threatening emergency. I’m lucky to be alive.

“When I woke up and saw I did not have the lower part of my leg it was like my worst night nightmare had come true. But since then, with all the support I have had I have been able to put my head down and get on with it.”

Following the surgery Miss Horton spent six weeks recovering at The Royal London Hospital and spent an additional six weeks at The Rehabilitation Centre in Lambeth.

But the former Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games semi-finalist has credited the support from Homefield Preparatory School as playing a large part in her recovery and the judo teacher is already looking to return to her job by September.

“It’s not just the physical side of it, but the mental and emotional side as well that you have to consider after something like this happens.

“The support and letters that I get from the boys has been amazing. It’s overwhelming that I have had this much support from the school, parents and the chair of governors. It really is lovely to have the top to the bottom of the school giving their support.

“I’m looking to go back to the school in September and get back to the job I love and get back to teaching the boys.”

Miss Horton returned home on Wednesday, May 25, following 12 weeks of rehabilitation.

Homefield Prep are currently raising funds to help support Miss Horton in her rehabilitation and will undertake a number of fundraisers during the school’s summer term.

Sports teacher and close friend of Miss Horton, Leigh Nellthorpe, will set out on his 20-mile walk dubbed ‘Josie’s Journey’ on foot for each day for five days starting on Monday June 6, with the aim to raise £5,000 Mr Nellthorpe said: “Josie has recently been fitted for a prosthetic lower leg and is currently learning to walk on a temporary device.

“She wants to use the week I begin my challenge as a target week for her recovery, so it will be more than just financial support. Assistance and flexibility from a range of Homefield staff will assist me in my challenge.

“All money raised will go towards the Homefield fund which is assisting Josie in her recovery. It is by no means certain that I will complete the challenge, as I am not an experienced long distance walker! However, Josie will be in my thoughts every step of the way and I will be doing my best for her.”

To donate to ‘Josie’s Journey’ visit mydonate.bt.com/charities/homefieldpreparatoryschooltrust