The Croydon comedian behind the ‘gap yah’ video that became a viral hit has moved on – to the world of job hunting.

Matt Lacey and his sketch group The Unexpected Items have returned with new video, The Final Round, which similarly skewers the job interview for young graduates and ends with an unexpected and surreal twist.

Lacey, who also played Ben in the BBC Three comedy Cuckoo, produced and directed the two-and-a-half minute video alongside his The Unexpected Items colleagues Tom Williams, Adam Reeve and Sophie Alderson and it has been picked up exclusively by site

Lacey said: “Anyone who’s tried to get a job as a young person knows that youth unemployment is amongst some of the highest, and it can be very dog-eat-dog.

“A lot of people have been at an interview where the other person is weirdly known by the employers and there’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling of ‘I’m not going to get this’ so Final Round is a revenge fantasy for nepotism.”

See the video below