Virtual reality has once again been hitting the headlines and this time experts are saying it is here to stay.

There are rumours that Apple has a platform in development and with Microsoft already shipping a development HoloLens for a cool $3000 the big players are all expected to be involved. However, it is the gamers which manufacturers are hoping to appeal to first.

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The HTC Vive was developed by HTC and gaming company Valve. It is the most expensive unit at £689 and pre-orders are expected to be fulfilled in June. Critics are claiming it is the best VR experience on the market but cost may prevent it from going mainstream.

Sony announced initial details for PlayStation VR in 2014 and are finally bringing the platform to the UK in October. However eager users can try it from June with 500,000 demo units set to be released in the UK.

Although reviews are mixed so far and the delayed release, it is set to be a Christmas success, especially as it will have compatibility with the PS4 current catalogue.

Finally, Oculus made headlines in 2014 when Facebook purchased them for $2 billion, two years later they have released the Rift.

Similar to the PlayStation VR it is compatible with Xbox Ones existing catalogue, albeit as a screen rather than a full VR experience. With the first wave currently being delivered at a cost of £499 they will hope to establish a market share before October.

Written by Jack Condron from Digitalised, a home technology company based in Epsom.


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