The celebration of all things English took place on Saturday, in the midst of renewed calls for a national holiday for St George's Day.

April 23: Have your say: Should St George's Day be a national holiday?

In a poll for Your Local Guardian, the Surrey Comet and the Richmond and Twickenham Times, 86 per cent of respondents said yes, it should be a holiday. 

QPR4Me said: "Until Easter is set on a fixed date, it is impossible to have St George's Day as a bank holiday.

"Far better to have a new bank holiday in October and call it Trafalgar Day."

Tobermory said: "Obviously if given the opportunity for an extra paid days holiday most people who do not employ staff would vote 'yes'.

"If we were to have a new English National bank holiday it should be non denominational. England has far more heritage than just Christianity and a National day should reflect that."

Monstermunch17 said: "It will never work because it is not inclusive. On Paddy's day, people are encouraged to dress in green, 'be Irish' for the day. American, Aussie national holidays work well for the same reason."