London could be hit by high pollution as Saharan dust is swept into the capital on what is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Met Office experts have warned London and the South East are likely to be hit by dust from the Saharan region brought in via southerly winds.

Marco Petagna, from the Met Office, said: "On Thursday, dust from the Sahara region was lifted up into the atmosphere.

"At the moment, certainly across the south of the UK, we've got southerly winds that's allowed that dust to transport northwards towards the UK.

"And with outbreaks of rain developing at times over the next couple of days, some of that will get washed out of the atmosphere and give a slight deposit of dust on cars."

Vulnerable groups such as those with lung and heart problems could be at risk from the pollution, and are warned to reduce strenuous physical exertion if in an affected area.