The story of the nail-biting race for Croydon Central at last year’s general election is to be turned into a major Hollywood film.

Conservative MP Gavin Barwell has sold the movie rights to his campaign memoir, "How to Win a Marginal Seat: My Year Fighting for My Political Life", following the book's publication last month.

A slew of A-list stars including Kevin Spacey – expected to play Barwell- and Julianne Moore –  set to appear as Labour candidate Sarah Jones - are already rumoured to have signed up for the project.

The book is being adapted for the big screen by acclaimed American screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

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Barwell’s debut book is a first-hand account of his "physically and psychologically gruelling" election campaign, which saw him fend off his Labour challenger in Croydon Central by just 165 votes.

Spacey – star of US political drama series House of Cards – was described as having "jumped at the chance” to play Mr Barwell after Sorkin pitched the film to him, a well-placed source said.

But the Usual Suspects and American Beauty actor was said to have insisted certain scenes were “sexed up” to ensure the film appeals to a broader audience than UK politicos.

A long-running Twitter spat between Barwell and Labour councillor Stuart Collins – expected to be played by Bradley Cooper – is duly set to be transformed into a brutal 10-minute fight scene, while a minor car crash in which the Conservative MP pranged Tory councillor Helen Pollard’s car is to be re-imagined as a high-octane road chase through Shirley.

Your Local Guardian:

Cllr Phil Thomas is to be played by John Goodman

Other rumoured castings include John Goodman as Conservative councillor Phil Thomas and Timothy Spall as former Croydon Conservatives leader Mike Fisher.

Mario Creatura - described by Barwell in the book as the "Boy Wonder to my Caped Crusader" - is set to be portrayed by Frankie Muniz, best known from early-2000s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

A spokesman for Mr Sorkin confirmed the project was in development and said the Social Network screenwriter was "thrilled to be bringing one of England's most close-fought political battles to the big screen", adding talks were underway to bring a "big name on board" to direct the film.

Your Local Guardian:

Timothy Spall will play former Croydon Conservatives leader Mike Fisher

Citing the early pre-production stage of the film, the spokesman remained tight-lipped about its title.

However, it is believed a number of working names are under consideration by Mr Sorkin, including The Battle for Croydon Central, 165 Votes, Croydon's Choice, All of Barwell's Men, and Me and Mrs Jones.

Sources also suggest Chancellor George Osborne has offered a significant tax break for any movie studio prepared to host the film’s shoot in the borough, ensuring money generated by the anticipated blockbuster benefits the British economy.