High-level talks have taken place to bring Richmond Ice Rink to Twickenham Riverside, leaked documents reveal.

The designs will also feature a monument to veteran politician Vince Cable as well as the people who have ended the borough’s two longest planning sagas – Lord True, and Councillors Pamela Fleming and Geoffrey Samuel.

The statue is to be based on the US national monument Mount Rushmore and, according to internal documents seen by the Richmond and Twickenham Times, has been dubbed both Mount Rink-more and Mount RUG-more within the corridors of power.

A source close to the scheme said: “When a previous administration closed the ice rink a different previous administration pledged to bring it back.

"Then a different administration tried to do something else and then we tried to do the same thing again.

“Having listened to residents we thought something might be better than nothing, but better than that would be to bring back what people actually wanted.

“Ok the rink might not be the right size, and there is a worry it could actually be downhill but that will a problem for the next administration.

“Most importantly the site will forever more have a permanent monument to the people who made this happen so that in administrations to come people can walk along the riverside, or skate downhill at it, and look up and see Vince Cable, Lord True, Geoffrey Samuel and Pamela Fleming, looking down upon them from up high.”

A council spokesman denied to comment on the matter but said that a large order of stone and water had been placed.