A New Malden car salesman who sold cars with tens of thousands of miles knocked off the clock and mocked customers who complained has been jailed for sixteen months.

Farman Tayebi, 44, who owned Direct Car Sales branches in New Malden and Croydon, sold two cars advertised on sales website Auto Trader with more than 30,000 miles taken from the clock after struggling to sell them, Kingston Crown Court heard.

He also sold cars that would break down within days of being bought and with tyres that were “dangerously un-roadworthy”.

On Friday, February 12, Tayebi was banned from being a company director for five years and ordered to pay a £200 fine.

Judge Sarah Plaschkes said: “The practices you deployed were designed to maximise your profits and, as I say, deny consumers their customer rights.

“You have shown no remorse for the offences you have committed.

“The way you carried on your second hand car business was thoroughly reprehensible.”

Tayebi, originally from Iran but living in Putney, sold a used Peugeot RCZ that had travelled in excess of 75,000 miles having claimed it had only been as far 37,000 miles at his New Malden branch in May 2013.

The court heard that the company was also struggling to sell a used Audi it had bought at auction for £8,200.

After it was re-advertised on Auto Trader in June 2012 with 30,000 miles taken from the clock it was sold within a week.

The court heard how when approaching Tayebi, who would often use the false name of Fabian, complainants would be “laughed at” and “accused of wasting Mr Tayebi’s time”.

Evidence was presented from eight witnesses who said they were all treated the same way with one being told his warranty was “just a piece of paper”.

Closing for the prosecution, Richard Heller said: “The conduct of Mr Tayebi, of his businesses, falls far below any acceptable standard and customers who complained would be treated in a contemptuous manner.

“He has almost less than no credibility. He simply doesn’t remember how many lies he has told.”

The prosecution told the court that Tayebi’s dodgy dealings cost consumers in the region of £25,000.

Tayebi’s New Malden branch in Burlington Road received more trading standards complaints than any car dealer in Kingston in 2012 and 2013 with 33 and 95 respectively.

He pleaded guilty to the offences on Monday, January 11.

Closing the defence, Ben Temple said: “They are guilty pleas and there is some credit to be afforded. Not every customer was a complainant and not every customer was dissatisfied.

“This sort of behaviour in the company may well be the behaviour of a company that is failing. It’s systematic of financial trouble.

“This man has been placed under severe stress.”