Children’s lives are being put at risk every day, claim residents campaigning for Network Rail to install a footbridge at a level crossing in Barnes.

LAST WEEK: Footage shows impatient people forcing their way across a level crossing in Barnes

The crossing at White Hart Lane is close to the Vine Road crossing, where people were filmed last week running across the tracks with the barriers down.

Concerned residents have launched a campaign calling for Network Rail to install a footbridge to cope with the “very high footfall of schoolchildren” using the crossing.

Máire Flynn, of the White Hart Lane Level Crossing Committee, said she takes her and her children’s live “in our own hands every day”.

She said: “Many children take bikes and scooters to school, which make the crossing even more hazardous.

“There isn’t one parent who uses that crossing each morning without fearing for their child’s life.

“The whole community is united in its call for Network Rail to build a footbridge and make this crossing safe for our children – and we won’t give up until they do.”

Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith launched a petition in December 2014 in support of the residents and it has received more than 1,200 signatures to date.

The London Mayoral candidate said: “The case for a footbridge at White Hart Lane is growing stronger by the day.

"The narrow pathway that pedestrians have to use often means that children and the elderly are pushed onto a busy road.

"It's only a matter of time until there is a serious accident.

"Since I was elected in 2010 I've been campaigning with local residents and the Barnes Community Association, collecting over 1200 signatures urging Network Rail to build a footbridge at the crossing.

"I welcome the fact that Network Rail have recently started to accept case study research as part of their consultation.

"I hope this means we won't have to wait for an accident to occur before action is taken."

Campaigners argue that the crossing is one of the busiest in the country, with a high number of trains, cars and pedestrians using it every day.

They claim that Network Rail has “refused to acknowledge the dangers at the crossing” and base their risk assessment on fatalities only.

Mortlake and Barnes Common Councillor Paul Avon said that the “appalling” barrier downtime of 40 minutes each hour is Network Rail’s responsibility.

He added: “Both Zac Goldsmith and I have made Network Rail fully aware of these issues for a number of years now.

“No excuses, it's time for action and a footbridge should be built on White Hart Lane as soon as possible.”

The committee has gathered anecdotal evidence to support their case, including buggies being struck by vehicles, barriers trapping people on traps and people falling over while rushing to cross.

Network Rail has been contacted for a comment.

To view the petition, visit or follow @whlcrossing on Twitter.