Campaigners against Heathrow expansion have plastered George Osborne's consituency with "No Third Runway" signs.

Campaigners put the posters up in Knutsford's main street, in the heart of the Tatton constituency, as well as outside Conservative Party headquarters.

Peter Jones, a campaigner from London who travelled up to Tatton to help, said he hoped to highlight the the chancellor how expansion could cost the taxpayer billions.

Mr Jones said: "We deliberately chose the day after people have had to get their tax returns in so as to emphasise to George Osborne just how much public money will be needed to pay for the road and rail links for a third runway.”

Campaign group Hacan claim the cost of building a third runway at Heathrow and the associated infrastructure would be the equivalent of £80 from each person in the country.

The organisation's chairman, John Stewart, said: "The billions of pounds of Government money that would be needed for 3rd runway road and rail schemes might even make the Chancellor, George Osborne, think twice about backing it.”