Thornton Heath hip-hop duo Krept and Konan made a special guest appearance at Croydon Council's cabinet meeting tonight to launch a new scheme to help young people forge careers in creative industries.

The MOBO Award-winners brought a rare splash of showbiz to the council chamber to outline their plans to "give something back to Croydon".

Their Positive Direction Foundation will enlist industry experts to visits to secondary schools to provide workshops in song-writing, sound engineering, graphic design and programming to youths aged between 11 and 18.

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The students involved will eventually showcase their work to Krept and Konan - real names Casyo Johnson and Karl Wilson - at a graduation ceremony.

They will also receive after-school mentoring sessions and access to an online community as part of the scheme, which Konan said was intended to "give something back to Croydon".

He said: "I've lost and gained so much over the years, but now in my position, I want to breathe life back into the community.

"I chose to give something back to Croydon because it made me who I am today."

Krept added: “We want to give the youth of Croydon a chance that we never had. Paving the way for the next generation is a matter of the heart, and the PD Foundation is in our hearts."

Each school involved will be offered up to 30 places on the scheme, with more than 100 students in total working with industry figures such as design agency Kritikal Media, musician and sound engineer JC, and singer Nia.

The programme is to receive £10,000 funding from the council.

Tony Newman, council leader, said: "We are delighted to be working with Krept and Konan on this fantastic project that will help motivate and inspire young people from across the borough.

“The utmost credit must go to this talented duo for their desire to help and give back to other young people in their home town.

"It shows just how passionate they are about sharing in their success and leaving a positive and lasting legacy on their own community.”

The launch of the foundation comes after Krept and Konan held talks at Parliament with Croydon North MP Steve Reed about how the address problems facing young people.

Mr Reed said: "When Krept and Konan came to see me in Parliament it was obvious they really wanted to put something back into the community they came from.

"They are an inspiration to many young people and I’m convinced this project will make a real difference."