Ghost trains are surely sufficiently spooky without having a proven mind-bender like Derren Brown adding his psychological twist – so be prepared to be scared at Thorpe Park.

The master of illusion will unveil his ‘ghost train reinvented for the 21st century’ at the Surrey theme park in time for the spring, fusing grand illusion with live action, next-gen tech, 4D special effect and physical transit.

Your Local Guardian:

In the first pictures released, we’re assured the seven tonne, 20-metre long by four and a half metre tall Victorian train carriage suspended in mid-air is not all it seems.

With 12 journeys and two endings, it won’t even know what’s coming if you’ve ridden it before.

Derren Brown, who grew up in Purley, said: “I firmly believe that this kind of multi-sensory, mind blowing attraction represents a glimpse of what the future holds for theme parks the world over. 

“Akin to my shows, I ask that when you board the train, the secrets remain mine and yours to share and fear, and you don’t spoil the experience by telling others ahead of their visit.

“People should also note that this is not an experience for the faint hearted.  But to ensure you are in the right frame of mind to take full advantage of the journey I will send you on, I refuse to reveal any further details past the doors of the carriage.”  

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