A fitness instructor performed hundreds of push-ups to raise money for Age UK Sutton outside Asda, writes Emily Jephcott.

Malcolm Taylor, 41, a Worcester Park gym owner, did 10 push ups per pound donated.

In two-and-a-half hours he performed more than 600 push ups, raising more than £60 for the charity's Christmas hampers.

Mr Taylor, who owns TFW London, Lindsay Road, came up with the idea after his grandmother Gladys Knight, who died not long ago, was given one of the hampers.

They are given to older people living in the borough who are identified as being vulnerable in the cold weather or unable to get out to the shops.

An Age UK survey found one million older people go a month or more without contact from a friend, family member or neighbour and that during the festive period loneliness is felt even more.