A dad saved his son and made a lucky escape as the 93 bus hurtled towards him smashing into cars and gardens as it went.

Father of three Hyginus Ozuome, 48, was taking out his rubbish at about 7.05am when he saw the 93 bus smash into his neighbours' cars in their road in Cheam.

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His wife, Denise, 38, recalled the moment her husband grabbed their 5-year-old son and made the lucky escape.

She said: "Hyginus was taking the rubbish out when I heard this loud banging sound.

"He grabbed our son and slammed the door shut behind him and ran into the back of the house and said the bus looked as if it was coming towards the house."

The bus smashed into their neighbour's car, crushing their Nissan and Mazdas, before the bus driver was able to steer the bus back towards the road.

Mrs Ozuome said: "If it had happened a few minutes later my children would not be here.

"We usually leave to take the children to school just after the time of the crash, but because we have three young children it takes a bit of time to get everything ready in the car.

"After the crash all our neighbours came out in their pyjamas and hugged each other. I was in shock."

Police later cordoned off Church Hill Road.

Four people were treated for minor injuries by London Ambulance.

Residents claim that the bus driver said the brakes were not working. The bus itself had only been registered in November this year.

A Go Ahead spokesman said his company was carrying out an internal investigation in the how the crash happened, but would not comment on whether the driver had been suspended.

He could not rule out if the bus had been subject to a bus malfunction similar to one that had happened in Sloane Square in September 2013 where a driver said his bus brakes had failed.

He said: "I can't rule that out. That's an entirely different case and happened at a different time to the one this year."

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