Editor Andrew Parkes has a number of thoughts every week, here are just five of them.

1. What an incredible effort. They can call it a team event all they like, but we all know Andy Murray won the Davis Cup on his own. Surely now, after one of sport’s greatest achievements, not to mention a remarkably moving show of emotion, the Murray miseries, who love to hate him, will be won over once and for all. I do hope so, as now, more than ever, he certainly deserves recognition.

2. It might sound callous, but when yet another train was delayed by a suicide I heard one fellow traveller say: “Another inconsiderate b****** not thinking about anyone else”. This might appear uncaring, but I could understand the frustration. Now, I don’t know what the motivation was for this poor soul, but it did serve to remind me that to be a truly caring society we really must adopt a system that allows for assisted suicide.

3. It looks as if the police narrowly escaped the chancellor’s cost-cutting axe, well this time at least. Behind closed doors a number of top cops have been honest enough to admit to me there are still many ways the Metropolitan Police could save serious lumps of cash if the powersthatbe were only prepared to update the force’s thinking to the modern day.

4. I saw a poor, sad old fox dragging itself slowly across the road today and my immediate thought was, I hope it doesn’t get squished. But, looking at the state of it more closely, my next thought was I really hope it doesn’t cause an accident and get someone injured. There are now so many urban foxes in such a sorry state I really think it is time we took sensible, humane measures to control their numbers.

5. And finally, the recent cold snap has been harsh enough to warrant the first log fire of the season. Is there anything better than sitting around an open fire with family or friends on a cold evening with a glass of something equally warming in your hand? Bring on the real winter weather, that’s what I say.

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