A car caught fire and "completely burned out" in the middle of a Selhurst road moments after its warning light came on.

Your Local Guardian:

Inferno: The car was well alight. Photo: James Jones

The driver of the Ford S-Max stopped in Edith Road about 9pm last night after a warning light started flashing.

When he opened up the car to investigate, flames burst out from the engine and quickly engulfed the whole vehicle.

Firefighters from Woodside station arrived and were able to put out the fire, but not before the car was "completely burned out", said crew manager Andy Hill.

The driver and his two passengers, a man and a woman, escaped the fire uninjured.

The car went up in flames near to the railway bridge that leads into Selhurst station.

Mr Hill said Edith Road had been closed and his team were force to warn trains travelling across the bridge, because of the amount of smoke wafting up onto the tracks.

Your Local Guardian:

Smoke: Firefighters putting out the car fire. Photo: James Jones

James Jones, who drove past the burning car, said: "The heat was intense going past it in the car."

"I turned around, came back and parked up and just let my phone video while I was talking to people. But there were other cars just carrying on going past it.

"I was running past it and I was thinking, what am I doing? If it goes up I could get hurt."