One small step for East Croydon, one giant leap for Norwood Junction.


Following council leader Tony Newman's suggestion to rename a new station at East Croydon as "Croydon International", the South Norwood Tourist Board (SNTB) has announced its own astronomical ambitions to boost the profile of the area.

Boldly going where surely no resident-run organisation has gone before, the SNTB has proposed re-branding Norwood Junction with the lofty name of "Norwood Intergalactic".

In a letter addressed to the "appropriate authorities" posted on its website, the SNTB claimed there is a "solid rationale" for the request.

It said: "In cosmic terms South Norwood is in close proximity to both the Andromeda Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. We are also closer to London than Croydon and have a London postcode, which would be an obvious attraction to visitors from other galaxies."

The practical difficulties of interplanetary metro travel should not prove a stumbling block to lifting their proposal off the ground, assured the SNTB.

It added: "It is possible that you might be inclined to dismiss such a suggestion is the result of a night on the beer – but we would argue that in most cultures it is quite acceptable for visionary leaders to enter altered states – and judging from results, it seems reasonable to conclude that many areas of public and transport policy are already created in such an environment.

"As the suggestion to rename East Croydon proves, current reality needn’t be a brake on our aspirations."

At last week's Develop Croydon Forum a poll was taken on the prospect of renaming East Croydon station Croydon International, after Coun Newman floated the idea in a council cabinet meeting.

A majority of delegates voted to keep the current name.

When asked his thoughts about the name change, Roger Wade, founder of the pop-up mall company Boxpark, which will open a site next to East Croydon Station next year, said the idea was "absolutely stupid".

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