MP Paul Scully has pledged to raise awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

At an event hosted by the Arrhythmia Alliance in Parliament this month Mr Sully signed the alliance’s ‘Now is the Time’ manifesto.

The manifesto was launched in June this year presents he cause of SCA, the UK’s leading killer, and the consequences of not being adequately equipped to revive a patient.

The Alliance, in partnership with politicians and other organisations, aims to reduce the number of deaths from SCA by 50 per cent in 2050.

It also offers a seven-task solution to improving, and dramatically increasing, the number of lives saved from SCA.

Speaking at the event Arrhythmia Alliance Chief Executive Trudie Lobban said: “Today across the UK, up to 250 people will be struck down by sudden cardiac arrest and less than 20 will survive.

“All of this can happen quickly, sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, at any time, any age, without warning.”

Mr Scully said: “I was shocked by some of the figures that I heard at the event and I hope we can reach the target to reduce the number of deaths in the UK from SCA.”

For more information about Arrhythmia Alliance or to view the manifesto visit: