Editor Andrew Parkes has a number of thoughts every week, here are just five of them.

1. How should we react to the horrific, inhumane atrocities carried out in Paris? Is blanket bombing on IS strongholds the answer? I would argue that no matter how appalled you are or what vengeance you would like to exact, it is not. I’m sorry to say the only reaction has to be to carry on as normally as we can. It is the freedom and way of life we value so much that they are targeting, so it is precisely this that must be maintained at all costs.

2. On the subject of inhumanity I heard something very disturbing about the treatment of our four-legged friends. A vet told me she will still regularly put down the two or three smallest members of a litter. She maintains it’s the kindest, best solution available when a cat or dog produces more offspring than expected or required. Her comment was: “Better I put them down rather than they just flush kittens down the loo”. Apparently some people still feel this is reasonable behaviour, at least until the kittens’ eyes have opened.

3. I know we haven’t had a decent cold weather snap yet, so the germs are flowing around unabated at the moment. But please have the common decency to cover your mouth with your hand if you cough or sneeze. If one more person coughs in my face on the train or the Tube I won’t be responsible for my actions.

4. On the subject of trains, have you transferred between overground and Underground at Elephant & Castle recently? I can’t believe the amount of building going on, even by London’s standards, with cranes everywhere, it is impressive. Mind you, I got hopelessly lost in the temporary diversion, so I’m going to need to retune my own directional compass to navigate the roadworks.

5. And finally, have you noticed how many people are now living to the “magical” 100 mark? There are stacks of them. We always used to feature this landmark with a story, but they’re increasing so fast I think we’re going have to shift the key anniversary on to 105.

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