Dane Baptiste has experienced significant racial barriers in his rise to fame - the comedian's first UK tour kicks off in 2016.

The Independent’s Face to Watch in 2015 revealed he has had to keep his mouth shut when heckled racist abuse from audiences.

Reasonable Doubts will hit Epsom Playhouse on March 4 which will mark the start of 27 shows across Britain – concluding at Soho Theatre in London – his home city.

The funny man, who grew up in Hither Green, said: “I’ve experienced race problems on both sides of the curtain.

“When I was trying to put forward a new TV show, the people already had a black person creating something and they asked ‘how can we tell the difference between what you and him look like?’

“It’s bad how some critics believe there are no problems with race in the world – I mean do people think that we are not here?

“I’ve heard people heckle racist words at me but I’m not the kind of guy to get angry and respond to them on stage.

“If race is all some people have and the idea that it makes you superior to others then I feel sorry for you.”

Baptiste was the first black person to be nominated for Best Newcomer at both Edinburgh Fringes in 2014 and this year.

Reasonable Doubts will see the comedian talk about how his life has changed during the past year, the recent fame he has come into and what it has been like for him in the profession.

Baptiste told Vibe his hometown Hither Green had an influence on his comedy.

He added: “I think it did – Lewisham and Catford were very close to where I lived so it meant I could broaden my horizons.

“You had people from different religions and race growing up around me which was great.

“The nearest school to me was a private one down the road but there was a youth club where everyone would meet up with all types of people there.

“Some people from the youth club took drugs and went to prison – it made me have more of an objective view on these things.

Baptiste, who had his show Sunny D aired on BBC3, hopes to write his own black British sitcom one day.

He has featured on comedy panel game shows Safeword and Virtually Famous, broadcasted on ITV2 and E4 respectively.

He said: “There hasn’t been a black British sitcom on TV for more than 20 years.

“At the moment, a dog has more chance of having one than a black person.

“How much can it hurt to give a black person the same opportunity?”

Visit danebaptiste.co.uk to book tickets for the Reasonable Doubts tour.