With a flourishing TV career, comedian Josh Widdicombe is a star in the ascendancy and he’s bringing his new show to Blackheath and Croydon in time for Christmas.

The former Guardian sports journalist has quickly made his way into fans' hearts through his co-presenting on Channel 4's, The Last Leg, among memorable appearances on programs like Mock the Week and QI.

And coming to screens soon, he has written and stars in his very own sitcom for BBC3 called Josh.

His material is based on his everyday life and from struggles to fame, Josh possesses the uncanny ability of being able to combine hilarity with mundane, everyday issues.

"I love stand-up," he said. "I think of myself as a stand-up. It's not like a proper job, but it's what I do. Other things just happen to me, and they have all come out of my stand-up. It's good to remind myself why I ended up getting my own sitcom."

Another reason why Josh is so popular is because, in spite of his great success, he remains appealingly down-to-earth.

"I find it hard when well-known people moan about the difficulty of fame," he said.

"I was in Edinburgh last week and a lot of people came up to me and chatted. You can't complain about that. If that's the tax I have to pay for getting to do what I do, that's absolutely fine by me."

Josh added: "People are very well-meaning. They don't shout abuse. It's all really positive. They don't want to talk about much because in these days of camera phone everyone is obsessed with documenting that moment. 

"As long as they've got proof that it happened, it's fine. That's how it works. But that's really good because you can't spend all day walking the streets talking to people about your canon!"

Josh Widdicombe’s What Do I Do Now?... is at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, on Wednesday, December 16, and Blackheath Halls on Saturday, December 19. Go to www.fairfield.co.uk or blackheathhalls.com