London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan may have pledged to stand down as Tooting's MP if he wins in May, but he has no plans to leave the area.

The "local boy done good" said he would continue to live in the same area he grew up, and where his kids go to school.

After lending a hand to the Royal British Legion poppy campaign in Clapham Junction station, Mr Khan sat down to talk Crossrail 2, policing and chicken with reporter Rebecca Taylor.

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Question: What would your ideal situation be when it comes to Tooting versus Balham for Crossrail 2?

Sadiq Khan: "Crossrail 2 is hugely important, I was the minister in charge of Crossrail 1, which goes from east to west London and regenerated London.

"What has been disappointing is that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the Government have been so slow in relation to Crossrail 2.

"It will regenerate parts of Tooting, Croydon and going up to the northeast. It has taken us so long to get this far and now we are told, that although it is years off, they're going to abandon plans for a station at Tooting Broadway.

"It is a transport hub, you have got the different modes with buses from Garratt Lane, the tube, it's the perfect place for Crossrail 2. We used to have trams there.

"I have asked for further details, I want as much transparency as possible.

"I'm encouraging people to respond to the survey.

"We need the facts - it is a great scheme and I want the residents of Tooting to benefit.

"I'm definitely rooting for Tooting."

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Q: What is your view on the 24 hour tube, is it a necessary part of transport in London?

SK: "One of the things you have to do as Mayor of London is roll up your sleeves and run London.

"I think 24 hour tubes on Fridays and Saturdays would be fantastic for those of us who enjoy nightlife in London, it would help the night time economy.

"Londoners want it, and those who run the tubes want it.

"The reason it has not happened is that the Mayor has not sat down with those who represent the workers and sorted it out.

"How would you like it if you were told tomorrow that you had to work 12 hours a day? You have got to negotiate.

"Instead of going to red carpets and meeting celebrities, he should be sitting down and sorting this out and as Mayor of London that is what I will be doing.

"It would help the nighttime economy, mean that people with early shifts have a way of getting to work, though that should not be at the expense of night buses."

Q: Boris has been a character in his role, how would he be as an act to follow?

SK: "He has given the impression that Mayors can't do much, that the role is to turn up and cut the ribbon, make jokes and act a buffoon.

"When I meet and speak to mayors around the world, from New York to Delhi, to Paris, they show mayors can do a lot, they can fix the housing crisis to make sure there are affordable homes, they can make a modern public transport system which is affordable, they can make sure we have decent air quality.

"My job over the next few months is to convince people that mayors can do a lot and as mayor I will make sure that I roll my sleeves up and fix those problems.

"One of the reasons I'm motivated to be mayor is that London gave my family the ability to reach our potential. My dad was a bus driver, my mum sewed clothes to support the family, we lived on a council estate, went to state schools and we had the chance to fulfil our potential.

"I'm worried that too many Londoners aren't fulfilling their potential.

"As funny as Boris is, as much of a buffoon he can be, and as stylish as he can look on a zip wire, he's given the impression he can't do much."

Your Local Guardian:

Q: How are you finding the balance of campaign versus the constituency work?

SK: "I love it. I love campaigning, for me as somebody born and raised in London the best job in politics is Mayor of London.

"One of my motivations was seeing what I could do for Tooting. We lost the general election, and have a Conservative Government for the next five years, a Conservative council in Wandsworth, and the Mayor of London, I asked myself, how can I best help residents of Tooting with the housing issues, the transport issues, around work.

"The best way is by going for Mayor of London and so everyone who knows me knows I'm a workaholic and I was recognised as MP of the year which I think is a reflection of the work in Tooting and I'll never stop doing that."

Q: People have said that although Labour gained in London, it is not a Labour city. What is your view on that?

SK: "We should never be complacent and we are right to remind ourselves and London that we have only won one in four mayoral elections.

"I will spend every day and hour convincing Londoners that we can fix the housing crisis, get a decent day's pay for a day's work.

"In May 2014, we secured the best council election results since I was in nappies, best European election results since they changed the voting system.

"In May not only did we keep all 38 Labour seats, we gained another seven, three from Liberal Democrats and four from the Conservatives.

"We can win elections in London.

"I'm not going to rest on my laurels. I have to persuade Londoners to give me their support next May."

Q: Do you hope that the Corbyn wave of success will carry you through?

SK: "If you look at the secret of Jeremy, it was that you see what you get and you get what you see.

"I have to be my own person.

"I've got to fight this election as me. I will be authentic.

"Sometimes, I will be working with the Government to get the best deal for London.

"If David Cameron and George Osborne are doing something I agree with then I'll say so.

"Other times you'll see me arguing with them for more resources.

"The same goes for Jeremy, we agree on a lot of issues like child poverty, tax credit changes and housing.

"I believe in fighting for us to be in the European Union.

"On the ballot paper next May will be a straight choice between more of the same and Zac, or bold and radical changes with me."

Q: It looks as though the Government will be cutting grants to police in London. What would you want to do as Mayor of London to challenge that?

SK: "I raised this in the House of Commons because Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe the Met police commissioner, the most senior officer in the country has warned that funding formula changes plus the Chancellor's autumn statement means we could lose an additional 5-8,000 officers in London.

"He thinks our ability to deal with counter terror threats, riots like in 2011 would be seriously diminished.

"If the most senior officer is saying that, I think we need to listen.

"We've got a petition to put pressure on George Osborne not to announce further savage cuts around the corner.

"We've had more officers in the last 10 years but the last two to three years has seen cuts.

"We have seen a rise in knife, violent crime, and sexual offences too."

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Q: What would you say is your biggest triumph as Tooting MP?

SK: "Every time I have helped people in my surgeries, or getting the lifts installed in Earlsfield and Balham stations.

"When the Government cut the building schools for future (BSF) trust for Burntwood School, we campaigned and lobbied to get the BSF money back which has meant brilliant facilities and they got an award for architecture a few weeks ago.

"Getting pedestrian crossings and lollipop ladies and men outside schools and keeping the Wheatsheaf pub open outside Tooting Bec station when they wanted luxury flats.

"I'm most proud of not forgetting where I came from. You'll see me visiting my children's schools, being a governor and knocking on doors."

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Q: Will you miss that aspect of the MP work?

SK: "I will never leave Tooting. I was born here, raised here, educated here and I'll probably die here.

"I will stay plugged into the local community.

"If I'm fortunate enough to be elected, Tooting is in my blood and it will stay in blood."

Q: You have spoken out about chicken shops in the past and mentioned you love Nando's - what's your Nando's order?

SK: "I like an extra hot pitta with chilli fries and coleslaw.

"I like the Portugese cakes for dessert too."

Q: Who is your favourite Khan apart from you?

SK: "I met Naughty Boy last week, Shahid Khan, who does the song with Beyonce.

"I once almost sparred with Amir Khan, and he made a video for me in the summer, big fans of those two.

"And also Shahrukh Khan, a Bollywood actor, who made a film called My Name is Khan. He's big in Bollywood."