A photography exhibition that chronicled how Worcester Park has changed over the last century attracted more than 500 visitors.

Your Local Guardian:

The exhibition showed off some 200 photos of past and present sites, double what was displayed the first time it was held in May.

Organiser Richard Johnston said: "It was really enjoyable, people were reliving old memories and then you would hear, ‘Oh, I remember that shop,’ or they would relate an amusing story about it.

"Some were seeing photos that pre-date how they would recognise Worcester Park, seeing horses and carts and farms is a world away from our collective memories.

"It was a great conversation generator.

"The considerable changes revealed in the passing decades showed us that our high street has always been in a constant state of flux, even way back in the seemingly slower pace of life of the late Victorian era.

"Or even in living memory, just a few generations ago, when one high street store proudly displayed a then profound social change, 'Television is here'."