US crime series Breaking Bad was a landmark in TV history and one of the finest shows to grace the small screen.

Over the course of sixty episodes, school teacher Walter White descended into a drugs kingpin, taking his family, associates, criminals and cops on a complex, weaving journey none of them saw coming.

But what if it was all condensed into one stage show and played for laughs by just one man? The twisted, hilarious result is One Man Breaking Bad.

Vibe caught up with the one man Breaking Bad himself, Miles Allen, as he prepares to bring his crazy show to Dartford’s Orchard Theatre on Tuesday, November 17, and Richmond Theatre on Sunday, November 22.

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What makes Breaking Bad so great?  

All the meth, of course. That, and for the fact that there wasn’t a single moment in the show that anyone could ever say was ‘boring’. I truly believe that it is the ‘Greatest TV Show of All Time’.

Why did you want to turn it into a one-man show?

I had a Youtube video of me doing the impressions go viral, so I decided to combine my love for impressions, making people laugh, and Breaking Bad all into one big ‘Meth Pot’.

  • We got exclusive access to the cast of Breaking Bad – Ok, Miles – and gave them a grilling. Watch the video above.

There’s a lot of story to tell – particularly the development of the lead characters - how do you manage to condense it down into one show?

With excruciating pain! Like I said earlier, I think BrBa is the best TV show ever, so cutting away any of it was very difficult, however I couldn’t expect the audience to sit through a 47 hour long performance of a scene-by-scene remake of the show, so I decided to make a comedic homage to the show, highlighting all the fan-favourite bits of the show and then ‘hamming’ them up!

Aside from seeing their favourite TV show brought to life, what’s in it for the audience?

Dancing, audience participation, meth, wigs, costumes, pizza, meth, explosions, pink teddy bears, breakfast, and… did I mention meth?

What characters do you take on, who’s your favourite?

I impersonate more than 40 different characters throughout the show, and not all of them Breaking Bad. There’s Lord of The Rings, SpongeBob, Back to the Future, Family Guy, and many more.

And my favourite character? Jesse Pinkman… bitch! Not only is he the most fun to impersonate, but he was also the first impression I ever did of a Breaking Bad character, so he’s very near and dear to my heart.

How have audiences reacted to seeing the story on stage performed by one man?

Better than I could ever have hoped for. The Breaking BADdicts are who make this show possible, and I’ve experienced overwhelming support and praise for One Man Breaking Bad, which tells me I must be doing something right… or maybe they’re just addicted to the blue meth?

One Man Breaking Bad is at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford, on Tuesday, November 17, and Richmond Theatre on Sunday, November 22. For Dartford tickets, call 01322 220000 or go to or for Richmond tickets call 0844 8717651 or go to