Memorial Services will be held across the borough on Sunday to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian Servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts.

Most of the events include a parade of Armed Forces veterans, civic dignitaries and religious officials followed by a Service.

The remembrance events are as follows:

Twickenham Parade: The Bowling Green Pavilion, 10.15am

Service: War Memorial, Radnor Gardens, 10.50am After the Service, refreshments will be provided at the Legion Headquarters in Popes Grove.

Richmond’s deputy mayor, Councillor Jean Loveland will take the salute.

Coun Loveland said: “Remembrance Day Memorials are important events. It enables us to remember both those who gave their life so selflessly for people to be free, but also the innocent people caught between opposing armies who lost their lives.

Your Local Guardian:

Richmond's former mayor, Councillor Jane Boulton, at last year's service

“I expect the sombre parade will be very moving - to me it is a link between those who fought for us with pride and younger members of our society to show their respect and thanks.

“At these times I turn to poetry from the trenches and the words of Wilfred Owen the World War One poet, are poignant 'My subject is War, and the pity of War'.”

Coun Clare Head will also be at the Service.

Coun Head said: “We have a much loved and evocative war memorial of a young soldier returning home safely, an unusually positive interpretation of an appalling War.

“It provides a focus to many local people who want to show their respect for the sacrifices made by countless service men and women in many theatres of war.

“The service brings hundreds of local families together in a show of unity and respect.

“The parade is particularly moving containing all age ranges from young cadets to those who saw active service.”

Richmond Parade: Old Deer Park, 10.20am

Service: War Memorial, Whittaker Avenue, 10.40am All those attending the Parade and Service will be welcomed afterwards at 144 Squadron (Air Cadets), Old Deer Park.

Richmond’s mayor, Coun Martin Seymour, will take the salute from the steps of Richmond Theatre.

Coun Seymour said: “It’s a service remembering the people that have given their lives for all of us to be able to enjoy the lifestyle that we have.”

Hampton Service: Methodist Church, Percy Road, 10.30am Parade: Starts at 12.15pm Wreath-laying: Hampton War Memorial Cottages, Oldfield Road, 12.30pm The Council will be represented by Coun Geoffrey Samuel.

The deputy leader said: “It’s a wonderful occasion, not only does it have all the usual people but scouts and all sorts of youth organisations.

“It’s probably the biggest community occasion of the year. It brings together a wide range of people, not just local councillors.

“Every organisation has the opportunity to lay poppies in the memorial gardens.”

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East Sheen Parade: Sheen Lane Centre Car Park, 10.30am

Service: East Sheen War Memorial, 11am The Council will be represented by Coun Lord True.

Barnes Wreath-laying: St Mary’s Church churchyard, 10.50am Service: St Mary’s Church, 11am The Council will be represented by Coun Rita Palmer.

Ham Service: St Andrew’s Church, Ham Common, 9.45am

Wreath-laying: War Memorial, 11am The Council will be represented by Coun Sarah Tippett.

Petersham Service: St Peter’s Church, 10am

Wreath-laying: 11am The Council will be represented by Coun Penelope Frost.

East Twickenham Service: St Stephen’s Church, Richmond Road, 9am Wreath-laying: After Service The Council will be represented by Coun Susan Chappell.

Teddington Service: War Memorial, Hampton Road, 10.50am

After the Service everyone is welcome back to the RBL. The Sea Cadets and Kneller Hall will be represented.

The Council will be represented by Coun Stephen Knight.

Coun Knight said: “The Teddington remembrance Service is extremely well attended by both young families and by older people who remember lost comrades and family members.

"It is an important part of our local civic calendar for many local people.

"For me, it has always been a poignant opportunity to remember the horrors and suffering of war but for many older people, who recall the bombs and rockets of World War II falling on Teddington just 70 years ago, it is a much more personal experience."

Hampton Wick Parade: Along the High Street from The Foresters, 10.45am

Service: War Memorial, Kingston Bridge, 10.50am The Council will be represented by Coun Tony Arbour.

Coun Arbour said: “Hampton Wick's simple memorial cross service is the heart of the community on Remembrance Day.

“Five hundred residents will show their respect for their village forbears and the numbers have grown year by year.

“Remarkably the locals, not organised by an institution, have come together for what is a celebration of bravery rather than a wake.

“When the wreaths have been laid, The Foresters and Tom Furber, the landlord, together with Robert of the White Hart open their doors and the residents throng their High Street.

“I am very proud of being able to represent the 'Wick'.”

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2014's service at Twickenham's Radnor Gardens

Hampton Hill Service: St James Church, 9.45am

Parade: To War Memorial in the churchyard, 10.55am The Council will be represented by Coun Jonathan Cardy.

Other events: Peace and Remembrance Exhibition Where: Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham When: November 4 - 22 An exhibition by children on peace and remembrance will be on display during November.

Pupils from The Queen’s, Darrell and Archdeacon Cambridge primary schools have created the pieces using local stories of conflict, remembrance, peace-making and citizenship during the First World War.

The project is coordinated by Hounslow Friends of Faith and Richmond SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education).

Bessie White, Information Officer for Hounslow Friends of Faith said: “It’s about the effect on families and local connections in the borough.

“The idea was to include peace education into the curriculum and to think of religious education not just for history but in terms of the feelings it engenders including conflict and peace.

“The children are encouraged to think about relationship and conflict resolution.”

The project is funded by the borough’s Civic Pride Fund.

Orleans House Gallery is open from Tuesday – Sunday 10am-5pm.