A funeral director has criticised a "jobsworth" council warden who slapped mourners with parking tickets.

Tony Pearson said it was "outrageous" a parking enforcement officer targeted vehicles during a service at Croydon Minster.

Drivers were issued with fines for parking in Church Street during the funeral on Friday afternoon, he said.

Mr Pearson, a former Conservative councillor for New Addington, said: "The cars had funeral stickers on them and obviously the Minster hasn't got a great deal of parking. The attendant decided he was ticketing some of the cars. 

"When we said to him, 'These are some of the mourners, they are in the service,' his answer was: 'Well, you've got your job to do and I've got mine.'

"It is just wrong. Outrageous. Sometimes you just want a bit of common sense to come into play. Common sense and compassion, that's all you want.

"Unless they're causing an obstruction there's just no need."

Croydon Council said it issued two penalty notices to drivers in Church Street on Friday afternoon.

It is understood the cars were parked on single lines, which means the road has restricted parking.

The council said it offered special dispensation for three vehicles to park in restricted zones during funerals if requested.

A spokesman said: "Being fully aware of the sensitivity around such occasions, the council makes arrangements, where possible, for up to three vehicles – usually the hearse and two others – to park for free in pay-and-display bays or on a yellow line. The vehicles are required to display a dispensation issued by the council. 

"In this case, our records show that no request was received for funeral parking."

But Mr Pearson urged the council should to tell its wardens to be more lenient. He said: "Most of them just know you're not going to be there for long, so they'll leave you alone. But you get the one jobsworth.

"If they're clearly marked that they're at a funeral and their in the vicinity of the church, go away and come back in an hour and they'll probably be gone."