Bob the Builder and Elmo are in police custody after scaling MP Chris Grayling’s roof yesterday they said to fix the holes left by a previous protest.

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Martin Matthews, 48, and Bobby Smith, 33, of New Fathers 4 Justice, climbed the house at around 2pm and camped out into the evening when they were removed by police with the aid of firefighters.

Your Local Guardian:

The pair were taken to Reigate police station, where they remain today, while it is investigated whether they caused criminal damage.

Mr Matthews scaled the leader of the House of Commons’ roof last year, and was found guilty of criminal damage and ordered to pay £320 after affixing a banner to the side of the Ashtead house.

Speaking from the roof yesterday, he said: "I felt bad because the courts said I damaged Mr Grayling’s roof so I thought I’d come up here and fix it.

"I’ve put in the silicone sealant and we’re going to make sure it dries and when it does, we’ll leave. But it’s not warm today so we could easily be here into the night."

Mr Grayling’s daughter was reportedly at the property and found the protest ‘rather amusing’, according to Mr Matthews.

Your Local Guardian:

The pair unfurled a banner reading ‘Can Dad Fix It?' in reference to Mr Matthews' costume, and Mr Smith said they targeted Mr Grayling’s house because of his position in parliament.

Mr Smith, from Stevenage, said: "I haven’t seen my kids for five years. I went through the courts system for three-and-a-half years and we need reform.

"Grayling is the leader of the House of Commons. He has a big say in what’s debated and we need to have a proper debate about the family courts and fathers’ rights.

"But we don’t get anywhere - whenever it is brought up at the highest level, reform is never on the cards properly."

Mr Matthews, from Great Bookham, added: "By the end of the current parliament, more than half of all children in this country will live in a house without their father.

"In less than five years people will see children with dads and say ‘How strange, how absurd that is’.

"So we stage events like this because it is a big problem and we need to let people know about it."

Both men have extensive campaigning experience.

Mr Matthews scaled Mr Grayling’s home last year, as well as his constituency office, a tower in Winchester and Redhill Magistrates’ Court, while Mr Smith ran against Prime Minister David Cameron this year in his constituency seat of Witney, Oxfordshire, again dressed as Elmo.

Mr Grayling declined to comment.