Leaving the European Union could mean better curries for Brits, a Tory MP has claimed.

Sutton and Cheam MP Paul Scully made the claim during a debate on immigration at Westminster Hall and said a Brexit might allow Britain to offer space to talented curry chefs.

He said: "The curry industry is struggling at the moment, partly because of some unintended consequences of our immigration policy.

"Leaving the EU would give us more flexibility to control our borders and tackle some of the unintended consequences of immigration from outside the EU.

"Things such as the curry industry - bringing curry chefs over - might benefit."

Mr Scully clarified his position in a Facebook post. He said: "Curries may well be tastier after Brexit.

"By leaving the EU and controlling our own borders, we could be able to be more flexible in our immigration policy when tackling unintended consequences with our traditional Commonwealth partners, such as the shortage of skilled curry chefs.

"I've just got back from Bangladesh when even the President lobbied us on the issue. It it actually causing a number of restaurants to close."

Oli Khan

Oli Khan, vice-president of the Bangladesh Caterers Association, said: "The curry industry is struggling like Mr Scully said, but I don't want to get into the politics of what he said.

"Many restaurants hire people from eastern Europe to meet demand because it is difficult to bring people over from Bangladesh, but there is a language barrier. Many of them can't speak English.

"There is a real shortage of trained chefs in the UK. We aren't creating enough.

"Many of our third or fourth generation of children want to work in so-called 'western jobs' and become solicitors, or run their own businesses.

"Not many want to cook in a restaurant like their grandparents first did when they came over.

"I would like to see the Government implement a six-month contract that could see people from Bangladesh come here and, if they do well, they can have their contract renewed."