A 14-year-old boy has been convicted of racially abusing a teen with severe learning difficulties who he jabbed in the leg with a screwdriver.

The youth admitted racially abusing the 16-year-old boy of mixed-race heritage when he appeared at Croydon Youth Court on Wednesday, August 5.

In court he confessed that he had abused the teen on an S1 bus in North Street, Carshalton, on February 24, by blocking an exit, jabbing him in the leg with a screwdriver, threatening him by pointing a toy gun in his face and punching him.

He also admitted to two charges of causing criminal damage when he threw eggs at a window of Sutton Housing Partnership in Mill Green Road, Mitcham, where he shouted racial abuse at the residents inside, and broke a pane of glass at another house in the street.

He was banned from entering any part of Mill Green Road, and from boarding a London bus without an adult except on routes 466, 127, 157 and 151 for two years.

He is also forbidden from contacting five named individuals - althought the police have not released their names.