Editor Andy Parkes has been at it again. Here's a selection of his latest thoughts.

1. Have you seen the latest craze? Adult colouring books. When I say adult I mean colouring-in books for adults, I’m not talking about the nature of the content. I’ve even heard you can get adult dot-to-dot books. Bizarre, are there any men out there who’ve gone back to colouring-in? Didn’t think so. Maybe women just have more time on their hands.

2. Smoking in cars had to be banned, it was only a matter of time. Even hardened full on fagsters can’t argue with this one. Some irresponsible adults have been forcing poisons down their children’s throats for far too long. Smoking now needs banning in public open air spaces too as walking past places like station entrances and certain offices is becoming disgusting.

3. It shouldn’t be a political issue, but it shouldn’t be a politically correct issue either. Britain is a proud multi-racial country, but we need a sensible solution for the migrant problem. In the end I have no doubt we will adopt a workable process, something akin to the Australian system, but I suspect the stable door will be closed far too late.

4. Heard a brilliant story this week about a cyclist who lost her bag while out on a ride – this one is a real celebration for new technology and an honest person. Everything was in her bag: car keys; cash; mobile phone; assorted “handbag items”. She had no idea where she’d dropped it, but tracked the phone and found the bag hanging on a nail outside an underpass. Everything still there, even the cash.

5. Can’t argue with charging for plastic bags. Something needs to be done to protect our environment and this solution is a proven winner. Can’t help wondering why they went for 5p though, at 10p they would have raised twice the money and it would have been an equally good deterrent.