Readers can have their say on how £1m cuts to Sutton's library budget will be made.

Sutton Council will run a consultation until Wednesday, December 16, online, by phone and including a public meeting.

The authority said it had been forced to make the cuts by "unprecedented" budget constraints imposed by Government. The mobile library service and Beddington Library could be closed.

At a heated meeting last week Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Penneck said: "I want us to try and avoid closures as far as we possibly can.

"[But] the fact is that the mobile library is a very expensive service. The cost for each user is relatively high because there are not a large number of users."

Conservative councillor Tim Crowley dismissed the suggestion that Government policy was to blame for library cuts.

He said: "There has been a lot in the press about the Government setting their own priorities, but that's not the case. Councils do get money, and it's up to them to set those priorities."

To make your voice heard online, visit

Head to Sutton Central Library on Saturday, November 14, from 10am to 12pm, to grill councillors on the way the axe fall.

The council must cut another £31m from its annual budget by 2019.